Personal Trainer
A.C.E Certified
American Council of Exercise


  Cathy is a professional treat with whom to work. She is able to adapt an exercise program to fit all levels, abilities and ages. Cathy can make the activity so much fun you can't wait to work out again!
~ Suzy Romanowicz
Asher Clinic Training Center Director

Personalization was the key to Cathy's intuitive and well informed exercise plan for me.  My particular needs were to work on balance, strengthening, stretches and adapting to the changes that come with aging. My personal exercise book, complete with photos and descriptions of our workouts is invaluable. I received encouragement and support throughout our time together.  
~ Penne, a satisfied Senior, Oakland

For the past year and a half I have been meeting with Cathy three times a week.  I have tried other fitness programs but have stuck with her because she quickly helped me meet my initial goals (to be able to keep up with my daughters when ski season came around, and to help me strengthen my core to decrease back pain--all gone for the first time in 20 years). Cathy keeps things from getting too routine and boring.  She will increase cardio/decrease weights as needed or desired; she is flexible with her schedule; and when I have been to Court and am all amped, she knows to work me hard, but when I am exhausted she knows to focus less on effort and more on stretching.  
~ Douglas Korpi, Piedmont

I've been working with Cathy for about a year. My stamina and strength are greatly improved! Cathy has been able to adjust our workout when small issues have arisen and modified workouts when I've had back pain, plantar fasciitis and other issues. No matter what the challenge, she's been able to work with me to stay on track and work to keep me on goal. Working with Cathy once a week keeps me motivated and on-track. My core strength has really improved, and I am more motivated to get to the gym on my own in between sessions because I know I'll make more progress - or even just stay on course - because I'm already anticipating my next session. Cathy's coaching style has been just right for me - just enough to push me through when I don't think I can do something, but never to the point where I am discouraged or feel uncomfortable with the challenge. Her knowledge and skills have enabled me to make consistent progress and stay motivated for the past year. It's great!!
~ Deanne
Federal Employees' Fitness Center

Cathy concentrates on simple but effective exercises and really works with you. She doesn't park you in front of fancy complicated machines and expect you to figure out your own workout routine. In addition to Cathy's skills and experience as a fitness coach, she has a workout studio that makes me feel like I can do anything. It is bright and airy, with a view out the open door of sky and mountains over a beautiful deep green canyon. She has a great attitude and lots of experience with people like me who aren't young and in shape.
~ Laurie,  Richmond

I worked with Cathy for two years and it was a great experience.  She has a commitment to working with people where they are, including working around injuries/limitations.  She’s a motivator, skilled at creating effective exercise programs, and fun to boot.  Highest recommendation!
~ Betty, Oakland

Cathy knows how to plan an exercise program for us baby boomers. She had me planking and lifting weights in no time, and gently encouraged me to take it up a notch. Her studio has a wonderful view of trees you can look at when you're holding your balance!
~ Barbara,  Oakland

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